New book explains how famous Mummy was murdered

A new book published today explains how the famous mummy Takabuti was likely to have been murdered over 2,600 years ago. Editors Professor Rosalie David from The University of Manchester and Professor Eileen Murphy Queen’s University […]

Loughborough University launches new Lightning Cycling franchise

Loughborough University has underpinned its commitment to women’s sport with the launch of a new Lightning Cycling franchise. Developed with investment from The Recruitment Group, the new team will consist of six female athletes who will […]

YUFE Soon to Offer First Physical Mobility to Its Students

University of Rijeka says: “At YUFE we were busy preparing physical mobility opportunities when COVID-19 hit Europe at the beginning of 2020. All physical preparatory meetings were put to hold and eventually physical mobility of students […]

The Anniversary of First Space Human Flight at SUSU

On April 12th 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the Earth, opening a new chapter of human endeavour in outer space. Modern science in Russia is developing rapidly. In the last few months […]

Magnetic nanofibers for new MEMS applications

A research team carried out the analysis of iron nanofibers and revealed its special magnetic properties. This work, published in Nanotechnology, paves the way for new developments in MEMS. MEMS, the invisible technologies in daily lives […]

Melting ice sheets caused sea levels to rise up to 18 metres

Research led by our geography department has found that previous ice loss events caused sea-levels to rise around 3.6 metres per century, offering vital clues as to what lies ahead should climate change continue. Research postgraduate […]

Studying Computer Science at the University of St.Gallen?

Yes! Be a pioneer and join HSG’s latest degree programme, M.Sc. in Computer Science! It enhances modern Computer Science curriculum with contents from Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation. Starting in Autumn Semester 2021, we offer you an […]

Five Heriot-Watt professors are named new Fellows of the RSE

The RSE (Royal Society of Edinburgh), Scotland’s national academy, has revealed its newly selected 2021 Fellows and five of these have been awarded to Heriot-Watt Professors. Professor John Ludden CBE, RAS, AE, Bicentennial Research Professor at The Lyell […]

European Higher Education Organization is a public organization carrying out academic, educational and information activities on higher education in Europe.

The EHEO general plan stresses that:

  • Higher education systems require adequate funding and, as an investment in economic growth, public spending in higher education should be protected.
  • The challenges faced by higher education require more flexible governance and funding systems, which balance greater autonomy for education institutions with accountability to stakeholders.

Thus, EHEO plans:

  • improve academic and scientific interaction of universities;
  • protect the interests of universities;
  • interact more closely with public authorities of European countries;
  • popularize European higher education in the world;
  • develop academic mobility;
  • seek funding for European universities.