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How to apply for doctoral studies in Europe

Find out how to apply for doctoral studies, including a PhD, in Europe. Getting started In Europe, every university sets its own application criteria for doctoral studies.  To successfully enter […]

DCU research to feature in new RTÉ/IUA series ‘Changemakers’

Change Makers: Irish universities’ most innovative and transformative research projects solve real-life problems 6-part documentary series by RTÉ and the Irish Universities Association explores game-changing university research projects. Airing from Monday […]

World Bank Grant for Continuing Education Program

Since 2018, the University of Bern has been home to IPDET, the world’s leading International Program For Development Evaluation Training which was founded by the World Bank in 2001. Now, […]

Russian medical universities from IK

Novosibirsk National Research State University offers several programmes in cooperation with the Siberian Branch of Medical Sciences and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. National Research Nuclear […]

Join the JEMARO program at WUT

Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics enables each of its students to study both in Europe (first year of the studies) and in Japan (second year of the studies). Learn more […]

Reproducing the energy transfer in photosynthesis

Anna Rosławska and Guillaume Schull, who are researchers at the Surfaces et interfaces department of the Institut de physique et de chimie des matériaux de Strasbourg (IPCMS) have succeeded in reproducing the energy transfer […]

A tour of LMU Munich’s main building

The main building of Bavaria’s largest university is not only architecturally special. Full of history, it is also a monument to the passage of time and can now be experienced […]

Student life in Gothenburg

Being an international student is so much more than studying and going to class. It is also about creating a life with new friends in a new place, resulting in […]

Leipzig University

Leipzig University in Leipzig in the Free State of Saxony, Germany, is one of the world’s oldest universities and the second-oldest university (by consecutive years of existence) in Germany. The […]

European Higher Education Organization is a public organization carrying out academic, educational and information activities on higher education in Europe.

The EHEO general plan stresses that:

  • Higher education systems require adequate funding and, as an investment in economic growth, public spending in higher education should be protected.
  • The challenges faced by higher education require more flexible governance and funding systems, which balance greater autonomy for education institutions with accountability to stakeholders.

Thus, EHEO plans:

  • improve academic and scientific interaction of universities;
  • protect the interests of universities;
  • interact more closely with public authorities of European countries;
  • popularize European higher education in the world;
  • develop academic mobility;
  • seek funding for European universities.