Mai Xuan Le, a student from Vietnam: “Playing football develops leadership and management skills”

Mai Xuan Le was born in Vietnam. After her mother started her work in Russia, the country became the girl’s second home. Today Mai speaks fluent Russian, knows traditions and culture, and reads Russian classics in the original. Mai even jokes that she knows more about Moscow and Russia than about her home country.

This year, the girl graduated from the Department of Finance and Banking (DFB) of RANEPA and undertook a master’s degree at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FESS) of RANEPA. She chose “Project Management” with the intention to be subsequently employed in the field of financial project management.

Mai Xuan Le, a student from Vietnam: "Playing football develops leadership and management skills"

Mai tells how thoroughly she chose the educational institution reading students’ comments about RANEPA, talking with teachers and parents. The opinion was unanimous: it should be the Presidential Academy. Now the girl recalls that she never regretted her choice and that she attended classes with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

“It all depends on the teacher and how he or she provides the information. For example, at my faculty, the most fascinating and interesting lectures over the four years were those given by Professor Konstantin Korishchenko and Maria Chernova, Associate Professor of the Department of Stock Markets and Financial Engineering, as well as those read by Natalia Radomskaya, specialist in accounting, economic analysis and audit, and Lyubov Krylova, Doctor of Economics. They amazed me not only with their knowledge, but also with their oratory skills. We all listened to their lectures in great concentration, from the beginning to the very end of the lecture,” says Mai.

Mai Xuan Le says that none of the students expect special treatment, but everyone wants to be heard. The affability and friendliness of the faculty members is, in her opinion, just as important as the professional knowledge provided by teachers.

Mai is sure that by changing the vector of education this year, she did the right thing and is happy that the Academy gave her this opportunity. The Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FESS) Alexander Chichin supported her decision during the interview. Mai realized that if she focused exclusively on finance and banking, she would not be fully satisfied with her work and would not reveal her managerial potential.

And definitely, Mai has this potential, since she is a captain of the women’s national football team of Vietnamese students at the Embassy of Vietnam. Depending on the situation, the captain can also play as a midfielder. The girl has been playing women’s football for four years now and is very keen on it. Her team, “Obolon”, has repeatedly won students’ inter-university competitions in Moscow. “Of course, football develops leadership and management skills,” Mai is sure.

The girl also plays volleyball and basketball with her friends at the Academy. She loves playing table games as well – chess, checkers, backgammon, machi koro, a game of city construction, “Monopoly”, etc. All this, according to the student, helps her develop logic and relieve the inevitable stress.

Online education seems hard to Mai: it is difficult to focus one hundred percent, technical glitches are annoying. But there is more time for a new hobby: the girl is trying her hand at videotaping and editing. And she has enough time for the old love, reading.

“I’ve recently fallen in love with classic foreign prose,” says Mai Xuan Le. – I like the works of Remark, Theodore Dreiser – especially his “Trilogy of Desire”, I love Jack London. Of the modern authors I read books by Chuck Palahniuk, Ray Bradbury, Ayn Rand (“The Source”, “Atlas Shrugged”), David Roberts (“Shantaram”), Murakami (“South of the border, west of the sun”).

From books and movies Mai learns the rules of life the way she learns them in class at the Academy or during football training. To be active, energetic and determined is her credo.

Source: RANEPA

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