Zero tolerance for party in student house

On Friday 14 August at around 19:00, the police and the Permits, Supervision and Enforcement department of the Municipality of Delft put an end to a student party on Coenderstraat in Delft. The around 100 people who were present at the party were not complying with the coronavirus measures and were causing noise nuisance. One of the buildings involved is used by the DSC (Delftsch Studenten Corps). Large fines were issued and Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen and Mayor of Delft Marja van Bijsterveldt demanded that the Senate of the DSC impose a severe sanction on the organisers in question, which has now taken place.

In recent weeks, Mayor Marja van Bijsterveldt and Rector Tim van der Hagen have engaged in a good dialogue with the chairs of all the student associations about the introduction week for new students. The Welcoming Week and the introduction period that follows will take place primarily online in order to prevent infection among students and to avoid danger to themselves and others.

Van der Hagen: “In these times and in the spirit of the agreements made, it is clear that a party of this kind is completely unacceptable and shows a total lack of responsibility. Recent experience has shown that the risk of infection is high, particularly in such a setting.”

Van Bijsterveldt: “We can come up with all kinds of new rules and a consistent approach to tackling coronavirus here in the Netherlands, but we must start by enforcing the existing basic rules. The municipal government and the police will be actively enforcing in the coming time. In the light of the increasing rate of infection in private circumstances, there must be zero tolerance for this kind of gathering, and action will be taken.”

Van der Hagen and Van Bijsterveldt are disappointed and above all angry about the events of Friday evening. Fines have been issued, and following consultation with the Senate of the DSC, the Senate has decided to impose a sanction on the members/organisers of the party, as the DSC also finds this behaviour totally unacceptable. In addition, the Senate has asked the organisers and those present at the party to go into quarantine at home for 14 days, and if they suspect they have symptoms of the virus, to undergo testing, and to report any positive test result to both the organisers of the party and the Senate.

The mayor and the rector greatly appreciate this speedy and appropriate response by the Senate of the DSC. They call upon the other student associations to also take similar action if such circumstances arise, so that it is clear that there is zero tolerance for such behaviour in Delft.

Source: Delft University of Technology

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