The University of Pardubice celebrates 70 years

The University of Pardubice celebrates 70 years since the establishment of the higher education institution. On June 27, 1950, the Chemical College, later known as the Institute of Chemical Technology, was officially founded, becoming the basis of the current University of Pardubice. With more than 6,000 students studying at its seven faculties, The University commemorates the anniversary with new projects and cultural and sports events.

“Our history has been written since 1950 and we are proud of it. Although we are one of the younger universities, we can rely on very capable educators, scientists and active students. The quality of our university has also been confirmed by the results in comparison with other universities in the Czech Republic and in the world,” says the Rector of the University of Pardubice prof. Jiří Málek.

This week, the University of Pardubice launched a new graduate website and a unique social network, thanks to which former University’s students will stay in touch with their alma mater, classmates or teachers. Public events commemorating the year of its establishment had to be postponed due to the pandemic until the autumn. It is because the University plans to invite thousands of its students and a thousand employees, but also the citizens of Pardubice to projection mapping, which will bring back the history and present of the school. On October 5, the visual show will offer an unconventional view of the modem building of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, which was awarded the Grand Prix for Architecture.

In September, a metal sculpture, which the faculty received from the city, will also appear at the Faculty of Chemical Technology. After 42 years, the statue of a chemist from the studio of the Master of Fine Arts Luboš Moravec will symbolically move from the centre of Pardubice in front of the building of the oldest of the University’s seven faculties.

The celebration will also include an academic ceremony with guests from the Czech Republic and abroad, during which the Rector of the University of Pardubice prof. Jiří Málek will award an honorary doctorate to a prominent foreign scientist. The public can also celebrate the anniversary with the University by a physical activity. In October, the University will hold the Run of the University of Pardubice for schools and families with children as well as for all sports-minded people – for a good cause. The celebrations will also include two exhibitions. One will be based on an art competition for children of employees and graduates, the other on photographs of students and employees of U:photo. The autumn issue of the Newsletter of the University of Pardubice will also be special, bringing interviews with the first graduates of the University, current young scientists, and recalling the varied history of the University and all seven faculties. In the autumn, the University will also present a new collection of clothing created especially for the 70th Anniversary. It will be available in the new university e-shop.

The history of the University of Pardubice began shortly after the end of World War II and is closely linked to the development of the food, engineering and chemical industries. By decision of the Czechoslovak government, the Chemical College in Pardubice was established on June 27, 1950. Teaching began on October 15, 1950 in the bakery and confectionery college. Over the course of decades, the single-subject College has become a modern educational institution of the university type, which, according to prestigious rankings, is one of the thousand best universities in the world.

Source: University of Pardubice

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