The Polish Government has adopted a new Folk University Support Programme for 2020-2030

Folk universities, by definition, promote an active involvement in social life and support their students to cope with contemporary challenges. The programme covers a wide scope of interventions including: the development of professional and social competences of the young unemployed, the education and counteracting of digital exclusion of senior citizens, the promotion of employability, validation of qualifications, the support to folk culture as a means of building local communities’ identity and the shaping of responsibility for „local homelands” and development of local leaders.

The folk university settings are to be institutions based on the so-called Grundtvig concept with an open and friendly atmosphere aiming to support personal development and social activity. Such settings will become attractive to less active individuals and offer them an opportunity for a better life. The programme corresponds with the basis of current policy on development of adult education, which aims to support, among other things, an active involvement and cultural creativity understood as a learning outcome.

Basic Outline of the Folk University Support Programme for 2020-2030 (Program Wspierania Rozwoju Uniwersytetów Ludowych na lata 2020-2030 (PWRUL):

The Programme’s Budget: 100.000.000 PLN (9.3 million PLN a year for the period of 2020-2030) has five priorities:

o Priority 1. Infrastructural and programme support to the existing folk universities
o Priority 2. Support for the establishment of new and reactivation of former folk universities
o Priority 3. Support for networking and cooperation between folk universities and promotion of Grundtvig type education
o Priority 4. Support for the development of civic education and preservation of heritage in local communities
o Priority 5. Technical support.

Source: European Commission 

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European Higher Education Organization is a public organization carrying out academic, educational and information activities on higher education in Europe.

The EHEO general plan stresses that:

  • Higher education systems require adequate funding and, as an investment in economic growth, public spending in higher education should be protected.
  • The challenges faced by higher education require more flexible governance and funding systems, which balance greater autonomy for education institutions with accountability to stakeholders.

Thus, EHEO plans:

  • improve academic and scientific interaction of universities;
  • protect the interests of universities;
  • interact more closely with public authorities of European countries;
  • popularize European higher education in the world;
  • develop academic mobility;
  • seek funding for European universities.