The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen a wide variety of untested off-the-shelf COVID treatments suggested – from Trump’s infamous disinfectants to more traditional herbal remedies, the idea of a simple protection from the deadly disease has proven an appealing one. Amongst these suggestions though, it’s vitamin D that has gained […]

One of the UK’s largest academic prizes is being launched at Heriot-Watt University today, coinciding with the institution’s 200th anniversary of its founding in Scotland.  The inaugural Panmure House Prize is a $75,000 award to promote and encourage pioneering research in long-term investment to fund radical innovation. The research area is in the […]

KFU and charity foundation Rusfond are launching a joint project in children’s healthcare. In 2020, KFU’s Center for Precision and Regenerative Medicine obtained a pediatric license from the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan. The Center’s Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit plans to tackle this new task. This field, together with oncology and regenerative […]