The Anniversary of First Space Human Flight at SUSU

On April 12th 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the Earth, opening a new chapter of human endeavour in outer space. Modern science in Russia is developing rapidly. In the last few months Russian scientists have launched the world’s most powerful neutron reactor, organised dozens of marine expeditions, and developed several coronavirus vaccines.

In the connection the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin noted the value of the scientists’ work and declared 2021 the Year of Science and Technology. One of the objectives of the Year is to show people what achievements and scientists our country can be proud of. Throughout the year different organisations supported by the State will hold educational events with the participation of leading scientists, and will launch educational platforms and competitions for everyone.

As a part of the Year of Science and Technology April was declared the Month of Space as the whole world celebrates World’s Aviation and Cosmonautics Day on April 12th.

60 years ago on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin put into practice the first spaceflight proving that there is nothing impossible. From the times of Leonardo Da Vinci humankind has been dreaming of conquering space and the flight on April 12th lasting for just 108 minutes became a great breakthrough, a triumph of Sergey Korolyov’s scientific genius and opened up new horizons and opportunities for humanity.

On this day we congratulate not only those dealing with the aerospace industry but either usual aviation and cosmonautics fans. South Ural State University has the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. It was established during a period of the young rocket industry development, the year of triumph when the USSR launched the world’s first artificial satellite of Earth in 1957. Nowadays the faculty strives to create a regional center of fundamental elite technical education, combining the efforts of schools, colleges, military institutes, industry design offices and enterprises to solve the problem of improvement of specialists’ professional level. Graduates of the faculty are the basis of engineering and scientific personnel in leading enterprises of Russia.

For the anniversary the faculty prepares some events to celebrate the holiday, like Talking About Science with a Smile Quiz, Everybody is Drawing Master Class, About Technologies of the Future: Visit to Asteroid Youth Design Office, Asteroid Safety Student Conference.

The SUSU research and laboratory facilities take active part in the UIREC. SUSU is working on several projects at once within the frameworks of the research and education centre, the key one of which is the development of an engine for a reusable launch vehicle.

According to the tradition of cosmonauts South Ural State University wishes everybody successful launches, soft landings and space health! Never stop conquering new heights!

Source: South Ural State University


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