The College is the first higher education institution in London to receive the award, reflecting its ongoing commitment to the sanctuary community. Birkbeck is proud to be awarded the title of University of Sanctuary by the City of Sanctuary charity, recognising its significant work with the Compass Project, an award-winning initiative launched in 2016 to break down barriers and support […]

NSU and Institute of Archeology and Ethnography SB RAS scientists were in an international team that demonstrated domesticated animals were introduced to Central Asia 4,000 years earlier than previously believed. Their work was published in the journal “Nature: Human Behavior”. This research began in 2015 using an arsenal of interdisciplinary methods, including […]

The small calculators are very popular on the internet: You can move the controls a little and see how not eating meat or switching to public transportation can improve your individual climate balance. In principle, the models that mathematician Sarah Wolf is working on at Freie Universität function in a […]