Young Manager School Regional Project Started

The opening of the new cohort of the Young Manager School took place on June 2 in Russia is My History Park. The ceremony was attended by Governor of Saratov Region Valerii Radayev, Chair of the Saratov Regional Duma Alexander Romanov, Vice-Governor Igor Pivovarov, ministers, and rectors of partner universities of the YMS, including SSU, P.A. Stolypin Institute of Management, and SSTU.

Let us remind you that the Young Manager School is a project initiated by the governor. It is aimed at training highly qualified personnel for the regional management. More than 60 project initiatives proposed by graduates of the YMS have received expert support and are now underway. This year, more than 200 people have decided to the school course, 100 of them, having successfully passed the competitive tests, have become its students. They will have to develop copyright projects and defend them at the end of the education. The defending commission will consist of heads of federal and regional authorities, non-profit organizations, as well as leaders of the business community. Upon successful defence, the graduates will receive diplomas of professional retraining. In addition, the best of them will be marked with letters of recommendation, which will give them more opportunities in case they will participate in various regional competitions.

Valerii Radayev addressed the project participants with a welcoming speech. ‘Since the school foundation about 300 people have mastered the courses taught here. This is a wonderful personnel reserve for Saratov Region! For three years we have seen how important the project is and how popular it is. The numbers speak for themselves, but the main thing is that real specialists stand behind them. Every year I see creative, persistent, and purposeful people who understand what tools are needed to implement the most promising projects for the region. I would like to express special gratitude to the partners and mentors of the project for their dedication and high professionalism. We need young personnel, we believe in you and are ready to work together,’ the head of the region emphasised.

SSU Rector Aleksei Chumachenko congratulated the new students of the Young Manager School. “Today, three years after the start of the project, we can confidently say that several years ago Valerii Radayev and his team absolutely accurately guessed the tendency in the development of personnel policy in Russia, betting on additional education and professional retraining. This school is really special because its classes are aimed at improving not only managerial competencies, but also the leadership qualities necessary for every leader. So, on the basis of Saratov University, students have the opportunity to undergo special psychological training, which is really necessary in order not only to identify existing problems, but also to successfully solve them.’

A parting word to those who will have to develop their own projects was said by Anna Zemlyanukhina, a graduate of the first school cohort, who had graduate from SSU, and now is working as Head of the Administration of Arkadak Municipal District. ‘There is an opinion that success can only be achieved by moving to Moscow. I believe that this is not the case. In every municipality, every city and town, you can show your quality. And here the Young Manager School will come to your aid, which will give you the opportunity to declare yourself, move to a new level of competence, and most importantly – come up with ideas which will be implemented. Now at all governmental levels the authorities are waiting for competent and prompt decisions that will help develop the territory and improve the living standards of people. For this, the country needs young personnel,’ Anna Zemlyanukhina noted in her speech.

The Art-bis, a pop vocal band, performed at the end of the festive opening ceremony. After that, the project participants were invited to visit the excursion in Russia is My History Park.

Source: National Research Saratov State University

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