3 Best Scholarships in Europe for International Students

1. Swiss Government Scholarships

Switzerland is a great country to study in. Swiss scholarships are funded by their government and offer a lot more perks than fully paying your school fees. They can also provide housing and stipend for daily living expenses.

These European scholarships are available, but they can be quite selective and only cover specific areas. Swiss universities most commonly offer Art and Research scholarships. Another obstacle in their scholarships is that it is rare for them to offer undergraduate degree scholarships. They mostly cover doctorates and post-doctorate courses. This can be very helpful for graduate students trying to bolster their credentials. For interested undergraduates, however, can always apply for DAAD scholarships.

2. University of Amsterdam Scholarship

Located in the capital of the Netherlands, the University of Amsterdam offers scholarships open for those wanting to study for their Master’s. Unfortunately, they do not offer their scholarship programs to undergraduates. For those eligible,  scholarships include full rides through their courses, plain cash amounts, and additional incentives like stipends for daily living.

3. University of Helsinki

For those looking at Finland as a possible destination, this may be for you. The University of Helsinki is one of the top schools on the entire continent. Studying here can give you a lot of leverage when you enter the job market. The university’s scholarships only cover those wanting to study their Master’s programs. Their scholarships include full, partial, and even a cash incentive to help with food and groceries while you are in the country.


European Higher Education Organization

European Higher Education Organization is a public organization carrying out academic, educational and information activities on higher education in Europe. The EHEO general plan stresses that: Higher education systems require adequate funding and, as an investment in economic growth, public spending in higher education should be protected. The challenges faced by higher education require more flexible governance and funding systems, which balance greater autonomy for education institutions with accountability to stakeholders. Thus, EHEO plans: improve academic and scientific interaction of universities; protect the interests of universities; interact more closely with public authorities of European countries; popularize European higher education in the world; develop academic mobility; seek funding for European universities.

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