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Yusuf Ismoilov is a first-year student of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He was born in Uzbekistan, but decided to get education in Russia, in South Ural. Yusuf is interested in sports, books and self-development. He was really impressed by Chelyabinsk and South Ural State University. And here Yusuf tells us about his emotions and feelings. 

Tell us please why you have chosen education in Russia.

I think that it’s a great opportunity to get really worthy education, to gain perspectives in my life. Also it’s a chance to make friends!

In what universities did you apply to?

Frankly speaking, SUSU was the only and the best option for me. I’ve heard about this university before. And I’ve found programmes I was interested in while I was surfing sites of different universities. So, I made a choice – now I’m studying in Institute of Engineering and Technology.

What impressions did you have when you saw SUSU first time?

It was awesome. I couldn’t imagine that SUSU is so enormous, that so many students are studying at the university. And our lecturers are awesome. They are very helpful and professional: their lectures and explanations are clear and interesting.

Did your compatriots help you when you came to Chelyabinsk and entered SUSU?

Yes, of course. My brother is living here and studying at SUSU. He is in his fourth year as a student of economics. And he helps me and supports me very much. Thanks to him it’s easier for me to study here.

Say some words about your programme: do you already have favourite subjects or lecturers?

I like my programme. It’s rather difficult for me, but interesting. And I’m ready to study. I already have my favourite subject and now it’s English. We have an amazing lecturer – Ekaterina Mikhailovna. I feel that thanks to her my language level is becoming higher.

Who studies with you?

As far as I can judge there are many international students. And it’s comfortable for me. And it was rather easy for me to find common ground with my groupmates. I hope that after 4 years we will graduate together. And all together we’ll get a degree and celebrate it.

What do you usually do in your non-study time?

During non-study time I often read something or do sport. Also I’m fond of walking around Chelyabinsk. And I’m interested in self-development.

And what emotions do you have about Chelyabinsk? Do you like it?

I’m impressed by Chelyabinsk. It’s a city with very unusual atmosphere. I met very hospitable and friendly people here. Also I like weather in Chelyabinsk – I like that it’s often chill, there is no heat! And at night the city is really beautiful.

Please tell some words to your compatriots who now think about their education and choose a university.

I really recommend you to enter SUSU. I see that there is really interesting and eventful campus life. I’m sure that there we can get high-qualified education. And during admission campaign SUSU will help you, you’ll get all the actual information. That’s why don’t worry and try!

Let us remind that foreign citizens who have some questions connected to visa procedures can learn all the details regarding the documents by calling +7 (351) 267 93 30 or asking a question on VK.

If you want to get a prestigious degree at SUSU in English you may read about English-taught programmes by clicking the link.

In the official Telegram Channel of South Ural State University you may read the last news of the university or ask your questions.

Source: South Ural State University


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