Master in Materials Science powEred by Large-Scale Facilities


MaMaSELF2 is a two-year, international Master in Materials Science, taught in English, associating Universities, Large Scale Facilities, together with industrial partners and research centers, organized as a network of excellence. It aims to form students to become talented materials scientists, researchers and engineers. It is jointly designed and implemented by a consortium of 6 European leading universities: University Rennes 1, and University of Montpellier, (France), Technical University Munich, and Ludwig Maximilians University, (Germany), University of Torino, (Italy), Adam Mickiewicz University, (Poland).

Modern life and globalization imply new and additional challenges for scientists and engineers, in the field of scientific and industrial competitiveness. This holds specifically for the development of new materials which are strategic key-products. The tremendous evolution of materials’ needs for energy, aeronautics, informatics, life-science, etc., requires experienced and motivated staff to design the necessary complex and functionalized materials of tomorrow. MaMaSELF2 forms highly qualified and trained students in this area, able to face the new challenges.

Beside a strong background in fundamentals for materials science, mainly based on physics and chemistry, students will learn advanced techniques for the structural (crystallography), dynamic and electronic (spectroscopy) study of materials. They will discover the capabilities of neutron and synchrotron radiation for the characterization of materials, and their impact on cutting-edge advances. The program is supported and advised by leading large-scale facilities, international universities, and industrial partners. The master course further develops soft skills. About 40 students coming from all over the world enroll each year. Students complete a first year at one university, then join another university for the third academic semester, while the fourth semester is dedicated to the master-thesis.


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