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The capital of Sweden, Stockholm is known for its beauty, friendliness, culture, high quality of life – and high quality of universities. Stockholm is ranked 18th in the world for desirability, reflecting the city’s high standards of living and its popularity amongst students.

Stockholm ranks an impressive sixth in the student voice indicator this year, with one student saying: “The tolerant, progressive ideology that the people of Sweden have is my favourite aspect of the city”.

With a high employer activity ranking, students also praise the employment prospects available in Stockholm after graduation, saying that it’s nice to be “so close to many innovative companies”.

Why study in Stockholm?

Good job prospects for graduates

Stockholm ranks 33rd in the employer activity indicator, boasting great job prospects for graduates – particularly in the services industry.

High standards of living

Stockholm enjoys a high quality of life, as indicated in its high score for desirability.

Excellent education standards

Both of Stockholm’s universities rank within the top 150, including Stockholm’s highest ranked university, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in 89th.

What is the cost of studying in Stockholm?

Ranked 133rd for affordability, Stockholm’s low score in this indicator is accounted for by its high tuition fees. Tuition fees at universities in Stockholm average at around US$17,400 per year for international students.

Numbeo estimates that a single person’s monthly costs are around £780, plus an additional £1,130 for a single bedroom apartment in the city centre.

Life & culture in Stockholm

Built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, the Swedish capital is also characterised by the fact that water is never far away.

Most visitors to Stockholm start by exploring the cobbled streets of the city’s well-preserved medieval origins, a boat trip around the archipelago (island group) surrounding the main islands, or a visit to one of the many museums and galleries.

As a student, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to explore Stockholm’s buzzing nightlife, bohemian shops and cafés, or perhaps just take a break from studies by relaxing in the parklands of Djurgården Island.

Careers in Stockholm

Stockholm scores incredibly well this year in the employer activity indicator, ranking 33rd globally. If you’re looking to stay on in Stockholm after graduation, it would benefit you to learn to speak Swedish. Even if jobs don’t explicitly say you need to know Swedish, employers expect you to know at least some.

Around 85 percent of jobs in Stockholm are in the service industry, but there are also a significant number of tech start-ups. Stockholm is also known for its finance and fashion industries.

Source: QS


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