Why should I study Business Studies?

What is Business Studies?

Business Studies is one of the most interntional study subjects in the world, due to how broad the subject is. As a broad subject in the social sciences, business studies opens the study field to a focus of specialties such as accountancy, finance, organisation, human resources management and marketing.

Three reasons to study Business Studies:

  1. Communication skills: aside from excellent maths skills, studying business also entails communication skills. You will gain credit points by writing papers and giving presentations.
  2. Marketing 101 (knowing your audience) is part of the core contents of business studies. This becomes important when students develop products – it is important to know your audience and define target groups.
  3. Entrepreneurship: most bachelor and master programmes in business studies ask students to do an internship. This does not only provide you with a first impression of the labour market related to your studies, but also makes it possible to forge new relationships and widen your personal network of business contacts for the time after graduation.

How to study Business Studies?

Courses in business studies cover a wide array of specialisations but start out broad and allow students to focus on a specific area later on. Students can expect to look at areas like technology, marketing, economics, statistics, accounting and ethics. Degree programs also look at how and why organisations work, as well as the global business environment. Students can expect to gain knowledge of the different areas of a business and how they function together as well as strategy and management skills.

Most business courses also have a practical element, requiring students to complete a final year business project which will involve applying theoretical learning and research skills in real world business communities. Many universities foster contacts with businesses and run internship schemes allowing students to make contacts and gain valuable first-hand experience.

What kind of job can I get by studying Business Studies?

Students graduating with a degree in business studies can expect to find a diverse range of jobs from accounting to financing, marketing and advertising.

Source: Umultirank


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