Top reasons to choose Aarhus University

Aarhus University is a dynamic, modern and highly international university. Since its founding in 1928, it has grown to become a leading public university with international impact and reach across the entire research spectrum. Aarhus is a great place to study and a great place to work. Here are some of the top reasons to come work or study with us.

Danish way of living

Income equality – Hygge – Low crime rate – High level of English – Danish Welfare

Denmark is widely cited as one of the world’s most liveable places and, according to the OECD, it has one of the world’s highest levels of income equality. Denmark has also been ranked as the second happiest country in the world, and Aarhus itself was raked as the world’s second happiest city in the 2020 World Happiness Report

Located on Scandinavia’s southern edge, Denmark is Europe’s gateway to the Nordic region. Denmark is a safe and secure country with a very low crime rate. In addition to this, Denmark is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. There are high levels of social trust in Denmark, meaning Danes trust their government and each other. This creates a sense of community and social responsibility in Denmark, and is one reason the social welfare model works so well here. 

The Danes themselves are relaxed, informal, and often ironic. The concept of “hygge” – being cosy and making people feel at home – is an essential part of life in Denmark. Hygge promotes the idea of appreciating the small, simple, things in life – such as spending time with friends. There is also a strong focus on having a good work/life balance, and it is very common to have a ‘Friday bar’ at work to finish off the week. That might explain why the Danes are so happy! 

Danes are some of the best non-native English speakers in the world, so you can communicate easily even if you don’t speak Danish. Denmark is a very international country and is home to many global companies, meaning there are also opportnities to work in Denmark before you have learned the language.

The standard of living is high here, and the economy performs above the European average. Accommodation, food, and transport are, therefore, relatively expensive in Denmark compared to other countries. On the other hand, salaries are correspondingly high, and services such as medical treatment are free of charge.

Top reasons to study in Aarhus

Teachers are world-class lecturers

At AU, classes are taught by active researchers in an informal, stimulating atmosphere. All degree programmes are deeply rooted in the latest research and are subject to a rigorous quality assurance programme to ensure they meet the highest global quality standards.

University offers competitive tuition fees

Tuition is free for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens. For other students, tuition fees range from €8,000 to €14,800 annually.

English is second language here

AU offers more than 50 full degree programmes in English at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. All PhD programmes are in English. And Danes were recently ranked as among the best non-native English speakers in the world on the on the annual English Proficiency Index (EPI), so it’s easy for international students to feel at home in Denmark from day 1.

Student body is diverse and highly international

Around 12 per cent of AU’s 40,000 students are internationals – from over 120 countries.

Denmark offers an attractive green card scheme

The green card residence permit granted to international university students in Denmark is valid for an additional six months after completion of the degree, which gives graduates time to look for work in Denmark.

Top reasons to work at AU

University has state-of-the-art research facilities

Aarhus University offers world-class research facilities and laboratories in a wide range of subjects. We have a strong tradition of multidisciplinary research for instance in one of 42 major research centres.

University offers attractive working conditions

When asked about what they appreciate most about AU, international staff at AU emphasise favorable working conditions as an important motivation for working at Aarhus University. These include an attractive salary, a generous pension scheme and parental leave benefits. What’s more, international academic staff members are eligible for tax breaks in many cases.

Denmark world champions in work-life balance

Danish workplace culture stresses the importance of work-life balance, and AU is no exception. Researchers enjoy flexible working conditions and a high level of autonomy and self-determination. What’s more, the municipality offers a range of high-quality social services that enhance the quality of life for internationals, including free healthcare and subsidised childcare and international schools.

Source: Aarhus University


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