The EDLab team meets today at Lyon for discussing the design of the European Degree Label’s template

The EDLab team meets today at the University of Lyon 1 for the 1st EDLab Workshop “Design of the Joint European Degree Label”. The event gathers together 19 representatives from of the 4 European University Alliances involved in the project (Arqus, Enlight, Eutopia and SEA-EU).

The workshop aims to be a highly interactive debate focusing on the following topics:

  • Mapping and screening of existing Joint Programmes.
  • Design and testing of the label.
  • Design and template for the Joint European Degree Label.
  • Digital credentials and Joint Programmes.

The first session will present and discuss the preliminary outcomes of the two surveys conducted during the first phase of the EDLab project. The first survey mapped the existing Joint Programmes and the second one focused on the sustainability of the label’s draft criteria.

These results will be crucial in the design of a template for a joint European Degree Label/Certificate, discussed in the second and third sessions of the workshop. The event will end with a discussion about the actual design of the label introduced by the intervention of the Director of the Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence (CIMEA) in Italy, Chiara Finocchietti, who will provide an overview of the recent evolution in digital credential awarding.

The EDLab project has organised 2 public webinars so far, the first one with an introductory approach on the European policy context for a European Degree Label experimentation, and the second one focused on the current national scenarios and challenges in the accreditation of joint programmes. The recordings of both webinars are now available on the EDLab YouTube channel and here you can find the presentations.

Source: Arqus


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