Discover everything you need to know about applying for higher education programmes and studying in Liechtenstein. This page focuses on the university of Liechtenstein in particular. Higher education in Liechtenstein Find information on the key features and structure of the education system in Liechtenstein. Study opportunities Get more information about […]

The University of Bologna provides businesses the opportunities and tools to develop their own human capital through the recruitment of new qualified resources and the provision of continuing education for existing staff. Company personnel training The University of Bologna supports businesses in their innovation processes and in their related organisational […]

Erasmus Mundus Master in Biomedical Engineering (EMMBIOME) is a two-year master programme focused on academic skills and specific knowledge acquisition in line with the current world practice for biomedical engineering studies. EMMBIOME offers in-depth training and development of research skills that ensure both expertise in state-of-the-art topics and future involvement […]