The University of Oulu will strengthen its multidisciplinary competence on existing research profile areas by opening eleven Tenure Track positions and one Senior Research Fellow position. Open positions are based on three profile themes: sustainable hydrogen economy, artificial intelligence-based solutions and strengthening human and environmental resilience. In the Tenure Track […]

General regime of conditionality for the protection of the Union budget: joint statement by Commissioners Hahn and Gabriel on the application of the Council Implementing Decision of 15 December 2022 in relation to Hungarian public interest trusts. The Commission would like to spell out some elements on the practical implementation […]

Outstanding Staff Embrace innovation. Inspire change. Answer the big questions.   Delivering cutting-edge, research-led education is at the very heart of everything university does. Academic staff are so much more than lecturers teaching from books. They carry out ground-breaking research that shapes departments, inspires courses, and directly informs teaching.   You’ll actively […]