Scientists Develop a New Particle Absorber for the LHCb Experiment at CERN, NUST MISIS reports. A group of scientists from NUST MISIS has developed a new technology for the production of an absorber for the electromagnetic particle calorimeter for the LHCb experiment at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). The purpose of the experiment is to explain and understand why antimatter disappeared during the […]

Professor Catherine Loveday, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, was interviewed by BBC World Service about dreams and whether they really matter. In the interview, she said: “I think people think that just because something is dreamt about it’s not as powerful, but we know that the brain activity is really similar […]

A Kingston University postgraduate engineering student secured the top prize at this year’s Vitae Three Minute Thesis national competition – wowing judges with a presentation that demonstrated her passion for concrete and featured the clever use of a giraffe toy from her childhood. Ana Pavlovic was Kingston University’s representative in […]

Astrid van Tubergen, rheumatologist, has been appointed professor Outcome and innovation in rheumatology practice at Maastricht University (School CAPHRI). Her research line is focusing on optimisation of patient care in daily practice.  Increasingly, outcomes are measured in hospital practice. These outcomes can provide information about how an individual is doing […]

One of the most complete plesiosaurs in Africa was discovered in Angola by paleontologists from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. This new study published in the prestigious PlosOne journal reveals the most complete plesiosaur skull from Sub-Saharan Africa, discovered and excavated in Namibe province, Angola, by Octávio Mateus, in 2017. The study of […]

Indonesia has become one of the countries with the highest levels of mercury pollution in the world. This contamination contains a myriad of effects that are harmful to public health and the environment as well. Overcoming this problem, lecturers and researchers of the Department of Chemical Engineering, UGM Faculty of […]