I’m Jess, I graduated from Biomedical Science at Birmingham in 2015. I’m now an account manager at Random42. Random42 is a scientific communication company, so we produce animations and disease education videos for pharma companies. My main responsibilities are developing new client relationships and driving new business growth. As an account manager […]

The European Health Tech Innovation Center (EHTIC), which is being established at the Silesian University of Technology, is a state-of-the-art centre which, in cooperation with leading medical universities, world leaders in technology and with the support of local authorities, will conduct research and implementation activities to improve disease prevention, diagnostics […]

From today to 15 September applications can be made for the 17 places on the María Zambrano international talent recruitment programme, the 32 places on the Margarita Salas programme for young doctors and the programme for requalifying university teaching staff by encouraging mobility, which will be offering 9 grants. Universitat […]

Soledad Andrés, Luana Bruno and Zoraida de la Osa have developed workshops for High Schools to identify, to prevent and to minimize episodes of gender violence in affective-sexual relationships among teenagers.  Dr. Soledad Andrés Gómez, Luana Bruno and Zoraida de la Osa, research and teaching staff in the Department of Educational Sciences, also […]

When exposed to human noise, specimens of the seagrass Posidonia reveal permanent and severe lesions in their sensory organs—whose function is to sense gravity—that threaten their survival. This is the main conclusion of a recent study by the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · […]

As part of the Russia-Egypt Year of Humanitarian Cooperation, Volgograd Institute of Management, a branch of RANEPA, has become a partner of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Russia for implementation of cultural and educational projects. About 200 events are planned for the Year of Humanitarian Cooperation […]