The all-new International Peer-Counselling Organisation (IPCO) was established by psychology students undergoing their MA degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, who aspire to improve students’ mental health by offering peer-counselling services to all international students of ELTE. This opportunity comes in handy during the exam period since the students can […]

With a focus on innovation, digital inclusion and pioneering approaches to decarbonisation, the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has unveiled an updated Economic Recovery Plan to lead the Solent’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Immediate initiatives to support the Solent’s economic recovery from the pandemic are outlined in the Solent LEP’s for […]

In mathematics, simple equations can generate a complex evolution in time and intriguing patterns in space. One famous example of this is the Mandelbrot set, named after the French-American mathematician of Polish origin, Benoit B. Mandelbrot (1924-2010), the most studied fractal. This set is based on a single quadratic equation with only […]