Some COVID-19 patients who experience acute respiratory failure respond by significantly increasing their respiratory effort – breathing faster and more deeply There is concern among some doctors that this level of respiratory effort can lead to further damage to these patients’ lungs. Working with an international team of leading intensive […]

Thousands of low-income families in the South have benefitted from a series of activity packs produced by the University of Southampton aimed at helping children whose education was impacted during lockdown. Almost 14,000 individual packs have been distributed via schools, charities, and youth organisations so far this academic year, with […]

I’m Jess, I graduated from Biomedical Science at Birmingham in 2015. I’m now an account manager at Random42. Random42 is a scientific communication company, so we produce animations and disease education videos for pharma companies. My main responsibilities are developing new client relationships and driving new business growth. As an account manager […]

Despite the challenging year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the overall satisfaction of Sheffield students is at 80 per cent – four per cent above the national sector-wide average, according to the National Student Survey (NSS). The University is ranked number one in the UK for bioengineering, medical and biomedical […]