European Higher Education Organization

We will help you to enroll in universities in Europe, Asia and America, as well as get a scholarship.

€2.5 million is the total amount of our clients’ scholarships.

550+ universities that we helped to enroll in.

We helped more than 2000 students to enroll in foreign universities.

Our team

Andrew James – senior manager, lecturer, academic consultant. University of London.

Margaret Craig – manager, academic consultant. University of Southampton.

Paul Morris – manager, lecturer. Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Griselda Richards – manager, academic consultant. University of Warsaw.

Andres Morton – manager, academic consultant. Montpellier University.

We are a team of professionals in the field of international higher education. Each member of our team studied or worked at foreign universities, is an active scientist, teacher or academic consultant.


Solvej Åberg

I was very pleased to work with the company’s experts. I am currently studying in the Netherlands. The consultation was very interesting and informative!

Noëlla Dreesen

There was just a consultation about the possible prospects of living in another country. Thanks. Good company, everything is fast and high quality.

Gonçalo Eliot

I received an invitation to the Computer Science program at the University of Berlin, as well as from 2 other universities in Germany.

Jyrki Finnin

I enrolled for a master’s degree at the University of Liverpool and was able to get a scholarship.

Igor Gouveia

There was a regular consultation on the choice of a university in Europe. I liked everything. There was no time limit for consultations. The specialist answered all the questions.

Merita Haywood

I applied to this company twice and both times I was provided with competent services. First, there was a consultation. Being a student at the University of Zurich is not easy, but I am glad that I was able to do it. The company was able to explain to me all the steps in admission clearly and easily.

Muhsin Karlsson

I ordered a full package of services for admission to the University of Guadalajara. If necessary, I will contact this company again, because for the first time they helped me with motivation letters to four universities at once!!!

Kasparas Janzen

With the help of a competent consultation, I realized that it is possible to study abroad. I got a scholarship from the University of Athens! Thanks to the team!

Charlie Lavigne

Specialists helped me to enroll, and my dream became a reality. I liked everything. The main thing is honest. Thank you all.

Bernarda Conmara

The specialists developed a step-by-step admission plan, wrote a motivation letter and compiled a resume. I am studying at the University of Oslo. Thank you very much.

Arman Nakajima

I was given a resume. After that I was able to present it at the University of Marseille and I was enrolled!

Julia Pakulski

I entered to University of Cairo at the Faculty of Biotechnology. I didn’t get a scholarship, but I’m still grateful that I’m studying here.

Ivan Panosyan

I started with France. First, it took French language courses. I returned to Hungary – I completed my bachelor’s degree in a year, at the same time I sent letters to French universities en masse. They took me for a master’s degree. I recently got my diploma, I’m looking for a job. The company accompanied me at all stages!!

Maria Penners

My scholarship is 2000 euros, but I spend more. I live in a dormitory with university students. Thanks to this company!

Barthélémy Ratti

I can confidently advise this company if you go to study at the university! Studying in Britain is not only a quality education, but also an honor and tradition. If you want to get a university degree that will be quoted all over the world, Britain is a great option.

Amaru Sancho

I ordered a consultation and I liked everything. I needed quite a bit in order to decide on admission and they helped me. I study at the University of Paris!

We work responsibly and conscientiously!

Reputation comes first!

If the applicant’s portfolio is weak, knowledge of a foreign language is insufficient for studying, or there are other reasons for possible rejection by the university, we will immediately tell you about it!

We guarantee to bring your application to the optimal result.

We will not be able to guarantee a 100% admission to a foreign university or a scholarship, due to the fact that the decision is made by the universities themselves.

90,5 %

of our clients were admitted to the foreign universities.

Our services

Consultation. Audio or video call. We will consider your situation individually and offer the maximum possible options for admission to the university.

65 euro

Preparation for admission to a foreign university. We will prepare an individual plan for admission, taking into account your portfolio. We will consider the necessary list of documents for admission, getting a scholarship and tell you how to increase your chances of success.

95 euro

Motivation letter. Very important document. Admissions committees read all the essays carefully. The way they are written affects the final decision. A stylistically rich essay will additionally confirm the level of foreign language proficiency, which is very important for foreign applicants.

95 euro

Letter of recommendation. Opens you up as a potential student! Members of the admissions committee are attentive to how other people evaluate you. With equal chances, preference is given to an applicant with good recommendations.

95 euro

Resume. We will evaluate your portfolio, experience, achievements and we will bring out your best suits. We will prepare the structure and write a perfect resume together.

125 euro

Assistance in obtaining financial aid. We will prepare a list of suitable scholarships, grants, other academic payments and benefits that you can receive. We will make a selection of universities where it is possible to get a financial aid. We will write an essay to receive a financial aid that will make you stand out from other candidates and increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

175 euro

Admissions advisory support. We will prepare an individual plan for arrivals, taking into account your portfolio. We will make the right choice of university and program. We will choose up to ten universities to which we will enroll. We will promise applications to selected universities. We will take care of all the work of communicating with universities, tracking deadlines, as well as preparing for interviews and obtaining a visa.

285 euro

Full package of services. (When ordering a full package, a 10% discount is provided).

  • Consultation.
  • Preparation for admission to a foreign university.
  • Admissions advisory support.
  • Assistance in obtaining financial aid.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Resume

845 euro

Frequently asked questions.

  • What does it take to win a grant? If you have a high score on the language proficiency exam, a high average score in subjects, have work experience, if you participated in conferences, published scientific articles, were a volunteer or completed an internship, your chances of getting a scholarship are very high.
  • Who do I need letters of recommendation from? From employers or teachers. Be sure to check the requirements of each university and scholarship program.
  • At what level do you need to know the language for admission to a foreign university? In many universities in Europe, Asia and Latin America, you can study in English or in the state (official) language, that is, it will be enough to know only 1 of them. On average, the required level for admission is B2 (Upper—Intermediate). It starts with IELTS 5.5 (if it is English). At the same time, there are programs where you can enroll even without language certificates, for example, almost all master’s degree programs in Spain and some Latin American countries.
  • Can I enroll in a master’s degree if I’m still in my final year of undergraduate studies? Yes, of course! The main thing is that you graduate from your university before you start studying in another country, and at the time of application, the missing diploma with grades will be replaced by an academic certificate.
  • I am 45 years old, can I go to a foreign university and get a scholarship? There are no age restrictions for admission to foreign universities and obtaining certain types of scholarships.
  • How long before the planned study at a foreign university is it necessary to start preparing for admission? On average, we recommend starting this procedure at least a year before the start of studies.
  • Can I change my specialty and win a scholarship at the same time? Yes, it is quite possible. At the same time, it is necessary to understand from which and to which specialty the transition is planned.
  • Do you work with applicants who want to enroll in specific programs, such as directing, acting, polygraphology, music, etc.? Yes, we can help you to enroll in these programs in public or private universities.
  • Is it possible to enroll in a master’s degree in another specialty? This is possible, but not in all countries and universities. For example, in Germany they are quite categorical about changing their profession, in Italy they are more loyal. It is necessary to clarify the information from each university separately.
  • Is it possible to apply to universities in several countries? It is possible, but in this case you will be guided by several curators, this will affect the cost of support.