The production of renewable raw materials for solid fuels or the manufacture of industrial products is topical not only in Ukraine but also in the world. Particular attention is paid to raw materials obtained by growing high-yielding perennials, which are guaranteed to give biomass of appropriate quality. Miscanthus giganteus is […]

Researchers from the Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology at St Petersburg University, as part of a group of Russian and American scientists, have developed the metaFlye assembler. It is designed to assemble DNA samples from microbial communities. With its help, it is possible to solve a wide range of fundamental and […]

The multidisciplinary mentoring programme supports both students’ transition into professional life and researchers’ and other personnel’s career development. The mentors are University’s alumni, and other volunteers who want to share their professional life experience and views, and also their professional network. The main feature of the mentoring programme is the […]