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The YUFE Alliance is based on the joint vision of ten young research-intensive universities and four non-academic partners located all across Europe. The YUFE partners came together based on their shared dedication to the European spirit, their common aim to contribute to a more competitive, innovative and united Europe and their ambition to help address today’s challenges.

The idea of European Universities was first aired by French President Emmanuel Macron in a speech at the Sorbonne University in Paris in September 2017, in which he called for the creation of some twenty “European Universities” at which all students would study abroad and take classes in at least two languages by 2024.

The European Commission first took up this idea under the 2014 – 2020 Erasmus+ programme. The first 17 alliances running for a three-year pilot programme were announced by the Commission in summer 2019 following an open call and are part of broader efforts to establish a European Education Area by 2025.

The European Universities are transnational alliances that will pave the way for the development of universities of the future. The alliances promote European values and identity, and are transforming the quality and competitiveness of European higher education while making it more diverse and inclusive.

To achieve this major step forward, the selected alliances were called by the European Commission to test different cooperation models for European Universities. The alliances are paving the way for a new funding instrument as part of the future Erasmus programme in 2021-2027.

European Universities Initiative

The alliances:

  • Include partners from all types of higher education institutions and cover a broad geographic scope across Europe;
  • Are based upon a co-envisioned long-term strategy focussed on sustainability, excellence and European values;
  • Offer student-centred curricula jointly delivered across inter-university campuses, where diverse student bodies can pursue individual learning pathways and experience mobility at all levels of their study;
  • Adopt a challenge-based approach towards teaching, learning and research according to which students, academics and external partners can cooperate in inter-disciplinary teams to tackle the biggest challenges Europe is facing today.

Selected as one of the first 17 European universities, YUFE aims to transform European higher education by establishing the leading model of a student-centred, open and inclusive European University.

For more information please visit the European Commission’s website ›

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European Higher Education Organization is a public organization carrying out academic, educational and information activities on higher education in Europe.

The EHEO general plan stresses that:

  • Higher education systems require adequate funding and, as an investment in economic growth, public spending in higher education should be protected.
  • The challenges faced by higher education require more flexible governance and funding systems, which balance greater autonomy for education institutions with accountability to stakeholders.

Thus, EHEO plans:

  • improve academic and scientific interaction of universities;
  • protect the interests of universities;
  • interact more closely with public authorities of European countries;
  • popularize European higher education in the world;
  • develop academic mobility;
  • seek funding for European universities.